New album by Rozi Plain

Friend – Rozi Plain

Conor O’Toole gets chummy with Rozi Plain’s third LP, Friend.

A beautiful album of folk drones enlivened by vintage synths and inventive danceable backbeats. You may already have heard the beguiling kosmische lilt of ‘Actually’ and the spacey pitter patter club atmosphere of ‘Jogalong’, but check the glorious Tortoise-like brass swells of ‘Best Team’, the bleeping keys with two-step drum machine of ‘Five Beans’ and the gorgeous late night shuffle of ‘Quarry’ and it’s obvious that this is a highly unusual hot-pot and nothing like your average folk album.

Triumphant genre-bending stuff.

We must also mention Plain’s authentic singing-to-itself vocal style, a unique instrument with inflections capable of turning words into unending earworms. Describing music as having a sense of adventure is a bit of a cliché these days but there’s a genuine feeling of horizons expanded and a questing personality behind these songs. Triumphant genre-bending stuff.

Friend is out now on Lost Map Records.

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