Naive Ted scratching The Community Skratch Games

Naive Ted at The Community Skratch Games

Built From Skratch: Ray Wingnut finds nirvana at The Community Skratch Games.

A true life-affirming moment. You know the kind. You cannot explain the immense power of it to anybody else, because it is yours. It is borne within you. It comes from inside of you but it has been brought out by a musical force that is simultaneously blowing you apart and rooting you to the spot. Everyone who feels an intense passion for music has these defining moments. I’m sure of it. I think that in my lifetime I’ve had three or four. Ever. But this one came at the Community Skratch Games.

It broke down to technical squeals and turntable tricks and sample shits-and-gigglery

It was 2014 and I was standing at the corner of the bar in the Bierhaus. I was stood with great expectations of someone whom I already knew was a great, great musician. But I really was not ready for this. Perched behind the hefty soundsystem was the mysterious figure of Naive Ted. ‘This is going to be great!’ I thought. But in reality it was going to be so much more. The rumble and bass and drone, cuts and twists, the jiggery and the pokery. All of these clash and flow within Naive Ted’s music, the set built and built and built. It broke down to technical squeals and turntable tricks and sample shits-and-gigglery. And it built again. And it kept building and building and building to such a ferocious momentum of this unique tone, this trademark insanity, this honest dope skulduggery. And it kept going.

I will never look back, because this ALL makes sense now!!

With the sound blowing my head off, I was gasping for comprehension. That is when the moment struck. It is now, it is this second of pure inspiration and joy that rips me a new earhole. All of a sudden, I am enlightened. Everything is clear, I have a purpose, I have a soul, I have everything that is sacred. I can see the light. I have no fear, I will never look back, because this ALL makes sense now!!

When the set is over, I’m left in a daze. I’m left wondering what the hell has happened. I’m baffled and beat up, but I know that the moment happened, and I’m a different person for it. In 2015 the same artist was on the bill at the Skratch Games. This year he was joined by the brilliant Clerk 5 on the mic. This time I thought, ‘I can handle this, I think I know what is about to go down’. I wasn’t on my own, word was well and truly out among the Skratch Community that these guys are now cooking some of the most exciting music to come out of Ireland in 2015. The pair took a jointed Bierhaus to the insurmountable heights again. The heat of the moments in that set typified the games in 2015. Visitors to the games were in the mosh and swagger of it. Everyone was in the thick of it. When the set ended it was like escaping from the jaws of a savage musical beast. We had made it. We had all caught the last bus to Barna. We had all made it together.

About Ray "Wingnut" Cuddihy

Ray is the founder of Wingnut Records, an independent "punk, hardcore, post-rock, folk, electronica,hip-hop, bleepy, crazy" Irish music shop. Besides a hundred other things, Ray is also a co-host of The Parlour TV, an Irish music show produced in Dublin's legendary music venue, Whelan's.